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proxemics is the study of how people interact with and relate to the inanamate objects in the spaces they inhabit. relationship proxemics is anthrobabble applied to my life.
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:: Thursday ::

i just lost out on $50 for being a rule follower. (ie i did not accept a tip for handling a difficult customer problem b/c it's against the rules and could technically get me fired) do i still get the karma points if i expect them?
:: 10/30/2003 10:47:00 PM [+] ::
so first of all, i just have to say........go see kill bill! and keep monty python in mind while you're there. the violence is cartoony for a reason. great movie. although it's a bit of a rip that the 2nd half isn't out till febuary. oh well.

and while you're looking at strange things read a christopher moore book. he's fun. and you can't not read a book entitled "the island of the sequined love nun" i mean common.

enough with my media endorsements for the day. anway....things are mostly ok. i'm aproaching that extra tired moment that i get to before my body swings into christmas in retail mode and powers through. actually i'm there. fell asleep in my glasses and cloths last night. socks and all. and i HATE wearing socks so that says something. (that i fell asleep in them does, don't go reading into the fact that i hate socks) this is the first time i've tired to do 2 retail jobs for christmas. we'll see how that goes. at least i'll be temporarily not broke. my boss at job 1 is still being evil, but it's starting to get old. it's less irksome than it used to be b/c it jsut becomes background noise i guess. had a cool customer the other day - nice little old lady who was getting her hair done in the saloon upstairs. she wanted a cashmere sweater for her husband and some gloves and didnt' have time to shop after she got her hair done......so 4 trips up and down the escalators later she'd bought 2 sweaters, a few t shirts for under them, gloves and a scarf. and she was truely nice about it - i guess she's been doing this asking for stuff brought to the saloon thing for awaile, and most people just bring her up the most expensive version of what she asked for and don't give her options........i brought up several versions of what she asked for and added t's and scarves b/c they seemed to go together....and have won a loyal client for as long as i decide to stay at bloomingdales. what blows my mind is that no one had thought of treating it that way before. oh well, more for me. lol.

:: 10/30/2003 09:23:00 AM [+] ::

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