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proxemics is the study of how people interact with and relate to the inanamate objects in the spaces they inhabit. relationship proxemics is anthrobabble applied to my life.
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:: Saturday ::

What Drink Are You?
What Drink Are You?

for once an internet quiz that i agree with, lol.

so my canali suit came back. but oh well. at least i sold it in the first place.

so am i suposed to feel older, because i don't. or wiser. but i guess i'm still to young to be wise lol. and too giddy, today at least. on a sales high - who needs drugs when there's pretty numbers? anway.....

i almost got bit by a stupid teacup poodle in some yuppies handbag today. very nasty yappy animal named mommies little darling snooky poo or something equally disgusting. maybe fifi. i'm fearless around big dogs but little ones unnerve me some days.

:: 5/24/2003 10:55:00 PM [+] ::
:: Friday ::
so....i sold a canali suit today.......700 after the 40% discount.............why anyone in their right mind would pay that much for an article of clothing is beyond me, but it does look pretty sharp on. only one other person currently in my department has sold a suit, period, and i've sold the only canali. this rocks. yeah ok so i'm a sales freak, but i knew that already even if you didn't yet. it's a living logic puzzle - how much is enough, how much is too much, show them everything or just the intersting stuff....drag them around or trap them in a dressing room.....follow them like a puppy dog or leave them mostly alone......there's a hundred other variables involved, at least, and if you get too many of them wrong they won't really shop....but if you get enough of them right the customer leaves with the impression that you've done them a favor, and without the contents of their wallets. if you get them all right they'll come back to see you again soon. and shun the other sales freaks. very cool. anway...

my brother is graduating from culinary school at alfred on saturday. i'm so proud of him. makes me feel old that my bro's out of school, but i'm proud of him none the less.

i think they're surprising me for my birthday, my guy is being secretive and my old roomates have mysterious plans all week next week. but i got one present from my guy already, a cool new bradbury book, so it's all good.

go see the matrix reloaded. rent the matrix first if you're that hoplessly behind, and read the philosophy of the matrix (i think that's the title, it's a red and black trade paper back) if you're enough of a geek to care about that side of it. but see it. it is a great movie on multiple multiple multiple levels. g'nite.

:: 5/16/2003 12:38:00 AM [+] ::
:: Wednesday ::
i am, once again, employed by waldens. no...i didn't get fed up and leave bloomingdales. that would be "giving cookies to assholes" (to quote kelly, who said "don't!"). i just needed needed needed my discount back and BOOKLOAN! ah....the guilty pleasure of a stupid thriller without the sickening guilt of paying for it. can you tell i'm half way through the latest matt riely? lol. it was surreal tho, that's for sure. the number pad seems backwards to me now (the ones at bloomies are actuallly backwards from every other computer i've ever used.) so i can't type numbers in without looking at them....and the books in print software changed....but otherwise i remembered everything. including which three outlets will let you vacume the whole store with minimal plugging and unplugging. including how to sell a pr card (helped someone who started recently out with one today, remembered the 800 number by hand (not by heart mind you, i couldn't say it if i wanted to, but i can dile it. my hands remember) for checking custmomers points and everything. it was exhillerating, either that or the 8 trillion cups of coffee i drank today had me flying. and to add to the surreality of it all, bloomies sent me to a courtesy training class today that hinged on the fish book. where have i seen that before....hmm....i wonder.....maybe waldens? it's a small world after all..it's a small world after all..it's a smalll........smallllllll....woroooooroolddddddd!. ok. maybe i have had too much caffeine today....

did i mention that I GOT BOOK LOAN PRIVELAGES BACK?!?! lol. it frocking ROCKS!

and i've realized two new things at bloomingdales - the 125 dollar pants are damn comfortable (specialist allowance. v cool. but not as cool as..you guessed it.....BOOK LOAN lollollol) and the fact that i think it looks cool (to the point of letting one of my geekier sayings (holy cats!) come out of my mouth) that one of my friends at work folded polo shirts so that allthe buttons were in a ruller straight line when they were stacked scares me almost as much as the guy who spent $3000 in under 45 mins the other day....mostly because neither truely makes me blink anymore. i think i'm loosing humanity points somewhere here.......

:: 5/07/2003 11:51:00 PM [+] ::

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