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proxemics is the study of how people interact with and relate to the inanamate objects in the spaces they inhabit. relationship proxemics is anthrobabble applied to my life.
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:: Monday ::

just saw a comertial for a new type of oatmeal...get this...specifically for women. extra calcium or something. why does that strike me as increadibly f#$%ed up?

and speaking of the f word...some guy said it to me 15 times on the phone today - before i gave him the home office complaint phone number then hung up on him - because i answered the phone saying"hi you've reached walden books in the galleria mall where we've got double points on the new judy blume - double fudge. this is corinne, how can i help you?" aparently he doens't call stores very often. get a clue crazy guy - everybody has a phone chatter these days. people bug me lately. yet another reason to get out of retail.....

:: 9/30/2002 11:04:00 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday ::
so....if a 12 year old kid is supposed to take 2 tablespoons of trianymic (the orange kind, yum)....am i suposed to take 2 or 4....i dunno so i took 3. yes i know it's kid's cold medicine. unfortunately the stuff for grownups makes me feel sleepy/drunk/slow/dopey/spacy and i HATE it with a purple passion. so i'm trying the stuff that used to work when i was a kid, because i don't remember that f*$%ing me up. and if it doesn't work i'll give up and buy the grownup stuff tomorrow and deal with being a space cadet....or i'll just deal with my cold symptoms. it sucks when the symptoms from the medicine are almost as anoying as the symptoms themselves....

i have a name and a mission statement for my soon-to-be-existant non profit organization.....book rescue: we "save" books and magazines that would otherwise be stripped and destroyed and distribute them to senior centers, hospitals, libraries, schools, adult literacy programs and other charitable organizations. so.....what'da ya think?
:: 9/18/2002 10:59:00 PM [+] ::
:: Saturday ::
huge gigantic monster signing at my store this morning. it rocked. sean hannity - that conservative who wrote "let freedom ring" was in my store. people were waiting outside at 630 in the morning and he didn't get there until 10. wowy. it was absolutely positively nuts. i hid behind the cashwrap and just rang people up the whole time. maybe not the most intergral job but one that i rock at so that's what i did. 11 cards sold in 88 sales. better than a 10% conversion rate. and it wasn't the best that morning. one of my empolyees actually beat me at my own game. which i like to tell you the truth. i like knowing that i'm not the only sales specialist in my store. it means that things will be sold on my day off, it also means that i'm capable of training someone afterall. way cool.
:: 9/14/2002 10:45:00 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday ::
feildnotes: Non Goverment Organization conference outdoor reception,
Dag Hammesjkold Plaza,
47th and 1st, Manhattan,
Tuedsay September 10th 6:30-8pm
reason: for class. to meet and talk to at least one member of a non govermental organization about how their organization works. subreason - to check out an event hosted by my professor's non profit organization, the friendship foundation.

notes: my first impression is a sea of black and white. there are performers everywhere, getting ready to go on, and all of them are in black pants and white shirts. even the ballerianas are wearing black warm up pants over their shirts. tish and i find our professor to make sure he knows we're there. he mentions a very emotionaly charged speach given by a woman from pakistan, and points out that both she and her daughter are wearing green. he points out a cafe on the edge of the park, clues us in to the fact that the people we need to chat up are the one's wearing badges, and tells us to enjoy ourselves. we go to get coffee then park ourselves in the approximate middle of the croud. i drink mine too fast so that i can get out my notebook. i can't hold my coffee, notebook, and pen at the same time. the first performance we really see is a set of monologues. first a girl gives one about dealing with a parent's death. then a boy talks about the game red rover and how he always liked the unity of the whole block ending up on one side. then a girl talkes about what she may or may not want to be when she grows up, picking up and discarding the rolls of queen, pig farmer, and fashion model before deciding that she will be herself. people don't know weather they are supposed to be watching or talking. it's interesting to watch. some of them are sitting on benches towards the street side of the (concrete) park, and still others are standing on them for a better view. the people near me are playing with a digital camera "sophie how do i focus this?""you don't". the monologues are done and now there ballerianas come out. there's about 14 girls and one boy. the boy starts out in the back right hand corner and at first they seem to be hiding him, but he ends up front and center quite a bit. interesting. i'm not sure if he gets big parts becuase he's good or because they needed a guy there, i don't know much about ballet so i really can't tell. they're all so gracefull. there are jazz dancers practicing that interesting mix of tap and hip hop that for some reason i find strange to watch, most of the girls in that group are wearing messily tied mens' ties. there's a red headed baby in her father's arms who looks positively transfixed with everything, she's looking around wide eyed and smiling. a woman near me has been approached by another member of my class and pretty much brushed him off. i hear her saying to a friend "it's not like any of us is a really big personality" whatever that means. my professor is introducing the next group. he brings up the fact that this was suposed to be a meet and greet thing as well, not a structured show. i guess he's trying to give people permission to talk. there's a muted police presence here. there's about 7 cops, 5 of them obvious, all of them looking pretty relazed. one of them has given up pretending that he's not watching the show. there are less and less people milling around with badges. makes sence, they were probably up at 5 am and in confrences and workshops all day. i'm standing with tish and 2 other people from my class. none of us has been really successful yet. all of us wish our professor had mentioned that he had students wandering around so that the people we try to talk to know we're not journalists or something.....one of my classmates was mistaken for a dirty old man. i notice the woman that my professer pointed out earlier is just sitting on a bench, not really talking to anyone, so i go over. i say something along the lines of "my professor, patrick from the friendship foundation, said you gave a really compelling speach earlier." and that i was sorry i had missed it. her name is amina syed and she's from the all pakistan women's association. she gives me her card and a copy of her speach. she talks in a very personal mannor. she tells me about how her mother and grandmother are also a part of the organization, how she has been since she was her daughter's age. her daughter looks about 12. she tells me about a set of family planning clinics that her mother was part of setting up - how when the forgien grants fell through people really took ownership of the ones in their villages - offering their services and their space and getting pharmasutical companies to offer their products - and how maybe the grants falling through was a bad thing. she talks about how it's strange for her to be fighting for women's rights because she has never had to fight for her own - her father took her all over the world with him to all of his business related meetings and at 18 her father's partner stepped aside and gave her the position because she knew all the contacts already, about how her husband is more than happy to let her go do whatever it is she wants to do. it blew my mind, it's not what i expeced to hear from a muslim woman in a sari. she's such a personal speaker, weaving her life into the issues she talks about, that it facinates me. i'm used to hearing about large ideals from people involved with this sort of thing, not small personal narratives. it was refreshingly facinating i must say. i'm sorry that my classmates eventually followed me over, i'm not sure she was as comfortable speaking to a group. i think she even said "now i'm intimated" when several of them came over. i'm not sure i agree with her speach having read it, but it is interesting to me. she has no respect for the current trend in journalism, is almost harsh in condemming them. she says they have ruined this information age. it makes me think about that display of 9/11 books that i put up today. it bothers me how much money i pull in with those things. i'm not sure why, it just does. she says that the first american soldier in effigy burning she saw in pakistan was incited by a bbc news man. she tells me about how the literacy rate in pakistan dropped when the brittish moved in because all the schools were made into brittish speaking schools and a lot of people did not want their children learning english. she tells me that her childrens' arabic tutor said recently that that was a bad idea - if they had learned english they would have been able to talk to each other. we talk about the importance of communication between cultures, between people. somehow i get the feeling she's learning about america from me a bit while i learn about pakistan from her. she laughs easily and often, and is wearing more jewlery than i ever do. i like her. her daughter is either shy or tired or just wants all these strange people to stop monopolyzining her mother...but is also having fun watching the dancers it seems. overall i had an interesting time accross from the un.

:: 9/10/2002 11:48:00 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday ::
so i had my first class yesterday. not what the course catalog said it would be. as i'm sitting there listning it dawns on me that this class is about how to run a not for profit organization, not about how to manage artists as an agent. it further dawns on me that i don't know where i put my recipt so i cant have my money back. so i'm in the class for the duration, whatever, i like school. i'm in the front but way over to the side so when they start going around making introductions, saying why they're in class, i have some time to think......and so by the time it gets around to me i have an actual idea. and i think it's just a throw away one becaue it's a brainstorm, but i say it anyway. "hi, i'm corinne and i'm a returning student, i actualy graduated from here a while ago with an anthropology degree. i currently manage a bookstore and i'm really bothered by the amount of stripped books, magazines, and zero markdowns we throw out. i can't do anything on a store level - if i take them i'm a theif - but it would be really cool if there was a way to get the publishers premission to donate them to schools, senior centers, librarys etc." and the proffessor loves it. he asks a few questions, has me explain stripped books to the rest of the class (most of whom are absolutely appaled by the concept) and says "we may be looking at the beginning of the next big not for profit" wow. and i think about it a bit more...and it does make sence. and it is doable. maybe not by me but if not i should give the idea to someone who can do it. i still want to be an agent. but maybe if i get bored with that, too, i'll give this one a whirl....hm...........i love brainstorms.
:: 9/04/2002 11:58:00 PM [+] ::

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