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proxemics is the study of how people interact with and relate to the inanamate objects in the spaces they inhabit. relationship proxemics is anthrobabble applied to my life.
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:: Tuesday ::

so my kind of boss b/c there's no boss for my section has finally figured out i'm frustrated, and is offering to move me to his side of the floor to rescue me from the anarchy. cool. but i don't know jack about shoes. but i didn't know jack about mens clothing when i started so we'll see, might be a good idea. why does it feel like i'd be "giving up" on my current section tho? maybe b/c i'm below plan. need to fix it first then i can jump, must go out of the top. but after i've fixed it i'm so jumping, my whole department is anarchy. seriously. people come and go with no reguard to the schedule, they say/do completely inappropraite things in front of customers, they don't clean up, etc etc ad infinitum. they are overgrown children. i'm not saying i don't ever goof around at work, of course i do, i'm human. i am saying that when i goof around i do so in apporopriate ways that customers won't notice as goofing off, and that don't effect my ablilty to noice said customers and take care of them. standing and talking in the middle of the department where you can see customers and stopping to help them when they do is one thing, hiding in the corner to talk is another. argh.
:: 6/01/2004 06:15:00 PM [+] ::
:: Friday ::
so i haven't been blogging in awhile. sorry. not only have they changed the format of blogger (it looks more user friendly, actually, but it's different and since the only person who actually enjoys change is a wet baby - at least according to a stupid non motivation motivatinal poster i once read - i don't like it. anway...) but i've been playing final fantacy until my eyes bleed. seriously. just checked my play time and once i've logged another half hour i will have spent litterally a week of my life playing. scary. it's engrosing b/c it's online w other people, tho. like all the other characters running around are geeks like me lol. so when i get stuck there's people to ask. there's also weirdo guys who hit on me but i just tell them my guy is a theif in bastok (which he is lol, grift) and when he's done laughing at leering idiot boy my linkshell will also chime in (go darkstars! lol). so if any of you out there play and are on the fairy server i'm rrynn. all the good spellings of rin were taken allready :).

as for work it's up and down. learning to live on comission. some weeks i make 200, some weeks i make 700. it's hard to budget but overally i'm doing better than i used to so it's all good. had a 10k day the other week, can't wait to see the comission check on that one......

my birthday is on sunday. feel free to send gifts. g'nite.
:: 5/21/2004 12:08:00 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday ::
i got abboud. which i've been mispelling all this time. but i misspell everything...anway.....i got abboud. i'll be on commission in 3 weeks. go me. maybe i'll stop being the incredible broke girl.......

if i can stop chewing through books at such a ferocious rate. must not read a novel a day when you have to buy them full price. baaadddd idea. but deliciously fun, and i figure if i give them to the library at the end of the year i'll have a nice tax write off that shoud offset it a bit...but that doesn't make me any less broke now so i probably ought to stop. that's what the gameboy's for, damnit, video games take me longer to chew through.

has anyone seen hidalgo? i'm trying to decide if i should go....

:: 3/16/2004 09:58:00 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday ::
still up in the air at work.

cut my hair wayyyyyyy tooooo shorrrrttt yeasterday. way. too. short.

pulled a muscle trying to jog

but for some reason i'm in a pretty sunny mood. not sure why but it's a good thing so i'll keep it.

:: 3/11/2004 11:16:00 PM [+] ::
:: Monday ::
so the aboud guy left. now i just need to interview with my exbosses boss when he gets back into town (family stuff). and so i've got it, i think, unless they want to move me up to ladies instead (which might not be a bad thing. hm.....anway.....)

so i had a psychotically bad time shopping for new pants the other day and thought i'd share now that i've decided it's funny. mostly. so anyway i needed new pants b/c i'm not a size 16 anymore, horay, and it's not that i'm an 18 again, double horay. or so i thought. i mean, the fact that i can take my size 16 jeans off w/out unbuttoning them made me think that maybe i was a 14. that would make sense. but really it means that i'm some weird in between size b/c although 14's fit and buttoned ok they looked like shit on me. and it wasn't just one store, either, i tried on close to 100 different pairs of pants in multiple different brands at multiple different stores and found ONE pair at old navy that fit me. the cool part is that they were only 10 bucks. the not so cool part is that i've now been wearing the same pants to work every day for 2 weeks b/c they're my only pants that fit, and i cant find anymore of them so i'm stuck till i loose a few more lbs and really fit into 14s. or until pants manufacturers start making pants that fit my body type. or until i win the lottery and can afford custom pants. oh well. it only really sucked b/c i got all excited about needing smaller pants.

:: 3/08/2004 10:26:00 PM [+] ::
:: Friday ::
so i was sposed to get the joseph aboud position. except the person who had already given notice changed his frocking mind and kept the job. so i'm still where i was except i'm bossless. whatever. it makes it less anoying to be at work but it doesn't help my paychecks anway. argh. time to reprint the old resumes. damnit.

i'm in the vagina monologes on saturday the 28th in irvington. wowy. it's really sneaking up on me. this is going to rock.

:: 2/20/2004 10:52:00 PM [+] ::
:: Monday ::
so my boss is leaving the bloomingdales that i work at, to work at a new store we're opening in soho. wow. so i'm not tossing my hat into the ring for her job, b/c i don't think i want to fire 90% of my coworkers, which is what i would have to do b/c a)they don't make their sales quotas b)they don't open credit accounts c)they don't fold unless hollared at and d)they don't give a shit. but somehow i don't think that starting a job where i'd immediately have to fire most of my staff sounds like a good thing for me at the moment, and anyway i'm just not fond of management. i'd rather sell. i just need to be paid more for it........which i will be shortly....because the joseph aboud guy is leaving and i'm getting his job. which means i'll be really on commission and i'll be able to set my draw (hourly) so i'll set it at 11 or so an hour. 12 would be nice but it would send me into deffisit over the summer and i'd rather not operate in the red, that way i'll make more money in winter when i'm making real commision bonusus instead of just haveing to pay back bloomies my defficit. that's the plan, anway, if i don't get that i'll go back to really job hunting. wish me luck!
:: 2/02/2004 06:09:00 PM [+] ::
so i'm not a poet, haven't written a poem since my late teens, but i do have some (read about 3) poems that i'm still happy with. there are a few others that don't make me cringe, and the rest i'll keep for nostalgia but bury very deeply. one of the few i still like is a sort of megamantra of mine against the shallow urge to fit into the rigid standards of beauty in our society, a sort of reminder to myself that i'm fine as is. for some reason it's been stuck in my head for a few days now, so i figured i'd share.
i'm not

i'm not twig thin,
no longer blond,
i've blue eyes -
behind glasses.

my breasts aren't small
(stomache's not flat)
i'm tall -
not statuesque.

i'm not what i'm
supposed to be.

most days i remember,
that's fine.

i'm me.

so there's my happy thought for the day. *grin* g'nite.
:: 1/26/2004 11:21:00 PM [+] ::
:: Saturday ::
waldenbooks 1014 is closed. i closed it today for the last time. the keyholder didn't show up so i got a nostalgic chance to lock up. it's sad and scary at the same time. my saftey net job is gone. goodnight.
:: 1/24/2004 10:52:00 PM [+] ::
:: Friday ::
went on a book binge today in anticipation of the loss of my discount at waldenbooks. spent more than i maybe should of, except knowing me i'd buy all the books anway so buying them while i still have a discount was probably a good idea. saw marvin on the bus today going into white plains. haven't seen him in positively forever, so it was cool, even if he is way more financially successful than i am at the moment which is kind of depressing. oh well. phil and i will get lunch with him on sunday and let him buy *grin*. tomorrow is offically the last day that store 1014 is open, so phil and i are both working. might as well get the hrs while they're avalable, ya know? it is depressing, tho......this week has pretty much been baby sit the money and ring up the customers week. no real work left. it's been giving us all screw loose moments, danny set off the fire extinguisher in the back office (then did his oompa-loompa best to clean it up). tavia told people we were closeing b/c they caught on to the fact we were running a sweat shop in the back room. cyn sat on the counter playing her gameboy. phil and miriam velcrowed a chair to the wall. i stamped the back of dru's neck with the waldenbooks store 1014 stamp. stuff like that. we'll see how nuts tomorrow gets.

so since bloomingdales is in crisis mode b/c they are 1000 short of the years goal for new charge cards and the year ends in 10 days.....several people have been offered their vacation pay (higher than hourly b/c it includes "lost" comission) to spend next week just walking around with clip boards and signing people up for bloomingdales cards. i'm one of them. sweet. esp when you consider the fact that we get extra money for each card we open. i love being a sales freak.

:: 1/23/2004 08:50:00 PM [+] ::

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